Hazy grace

You said,
time was never close
a shadow slid out its grip
a partition between
it was like a gem that never ended
You said it was beautiful
that weaves spin similar to threads
as I carefully roll them to a skein
those souls will be urged to be born
You said,
to dawn in the sun in the shine of the surface
that’s what you said
and you gave a gem of courage
where a shimmer of the guises lighten.






There was something magical about the fluttering wind that day that urged me to peek out with curiosity.

A storm of sand swept into the city, a smell of the desert, of dusty longing.

Certainly, I wanted to throw myself into the daring adventure, soak up the cheerful taste of coconut fat when I smeared my dry cheeks, yet dunk into reality that the illusion offered.

A movie later.

What changed me was me and the storm, in a golden noise.

Inside and so close that the outer was knocking.

Come on. It’s time to take the next one.


Response from the nature of question

Like a stubborn child
the answer is delayed against the white wall to find
delightful as a cracked mirror
the weight, I play in featherlight down
a laugh from your forgotten happiness
my second self’s teachings whispers in its pirouettes
it is an act of love
creaking from the escape


Light Acrylics

World’s finest

It was a thought that wanted to continue, a feeling that wanted to drag the mind loose
She jumped over the fence ambitiously
surely she had heard that about if aiming towards the stars, you might reach the ceiling
but that did not prevent the jump
for who dares to think in the middle of a leap when the speed escalates
the wind was not kind, it blew a cold northerly one and wheezed its message
and everything she heard, voices sung in different keys
one major and one minor in tune that tries to gain a hearing
no, not that, not marveling at mysteries or holy thoughts
sawing through cracked fence instead and prying her hearts mystery
it was as if the deer’s sad eyes brought beauty to life
when we together flee like hinds across the fields.


Nature and Landscapes

It was that glow that haunted her

To be surrounded by a magical feeling of a larger context
it sounded to be seen in transparency of the indomitable will
to widen a leap through, and just go through
in elegance
writing her own mind in the full-fledged costume
it was a space
an unspoiled feeling
that the movement sought
she was a proof that I exist.