There was something magical about the fluttering wind that day that urged me to peek out with curiosity.

A storm of sand swept into the city, a smell of the desert, of dusty longing.

Certainly, I wanted to throw myself into the daring adventure, soak up the cheerful taste of coconut fat when I smeared my dry cheeks, yet dunk into reality that the illusion offered.

A movie later.

What changed me was me and the storm, in a golden noise.

Inside and so close that the outer was knocking.

Come on. It’s time to take the next one.


In the maze of no thought

My child was you
in the cold of frost
in the selfs implotion nothing was left
you were the one who appeared in borrowed body
the missing is empty eyes
gives nothing in return
a smile
closing the lids
sleeps like a doll coming to life
in the nerves dance
a blueprint in my mind was never I
and a small wanted to grow
but vanished
in the clouds
in a time
where tears no longer exists.

A well


Like a soaring consciousness that witnessed the scene

The title created confusion already in its first word

that’s how the light was killed by itself
as the opposite of an incomprehensible conclusion
a candle can only burn, right?
if the flame’s innermost core chooses to explode like a failing star
my light extinguished
not because of the fall or the explosion
not because of the entry into oblivion
rather as a result of the snare that got denser
like in a far too taight costume
laced together as a vital measure
the price was lost visibility,
and radiance like a trapped beam in a dark cave.


Earthy Oils





The dose of happiness
in a pulse of changing rhythm
throws the linear aside
for a moment in the miracle of
what the moment yielded
the truth was never closer than what the lie sniffed on
that everything is love, more or less deformed
wisdom’s eye let thoughts vibrate
isn’t also hate a love far away
so the war was over, there in the glow and reflected the eternal question
it should be a wearer of its own
or the totality that always alters
rejected, relegated, looking for their beliefs in the borderland
the witness was
as always, near
a pounding heart
breaking the night into day.

_DSC8964 - Kopia





How does it feel

Was always the light each day
until you commanded as a persistent marker
that no one rays outside
regardless of the void that got stuck between speeches steaming costume
thoughts makes noises
cherish me
cherish me life
as a bridge between a forgotten and found weight
which evens out the tears you collect
truths of jewels dwell therein
when you interpret them.

Full bloom being

Nature and Landscapes



To enhance the body’s physical condition and meet yourself in an experience of a
newly awakened wondering
to master the own self
it will take place in the space between the body, feeling and thought,                                         to convey the genuine presence in the simple existence
movement, gestures, facial expression
message in a bottom of authenticity creates a root of statute
like a tree that allows its stable branches to sway
free and still safe in the knowledge
that I carry myself
I let the beauty shine with everything I am.