The lie whisper the truth

The door was always so close and still you chose to stay

ignoring the possibility of change

as you wrestle with the demons of your own and drowning in the arms of death

still the whispering stands still as a door

and you see the key

infront of your unreachable mind.




Stay as the shout fall silent

When everything rages and disappears

going, gone in a memory

I turn around and walk away
nothing supports a genuine tone

nothing left to collect
nothing to prevent
but the time

the time

is ripe
to travel away into.





The merciful Samaritan found herself out of reach

Vibrated all the way into bone
like an inventor’s accuracy,
I applied myself in pure desperation
beyond the understanding of the worlds concepts
the little tickle whispered
unintelligible phrases
not manifested,
yet paradoxically comprehensible
as tracking on a trail of
unknown phenomenon
the light is licking its creators desires.




Was always next to life

One foot inside and the other one dangling free
viewer viewer
trail’s relentless desire to see
that little invisible
in mountains rustling
in flight
in fugitive shine of hapiness
taken by the sunset
drowsiness of a moist drip’s longing
free from the stagnant time, life flies
in a jump
which sticks in the resin of the tree
that becomes your sleep.



How volatile you are

Did you see the life that fled by
the wind being wiped away
it was you
in a summer dust
each part is missing me in the pores of sweat
I breathe your heart out like a fire
for a dream so true
It was me who was the dream that slowly disappeared
out in the day that blew the night away
which never charmed
when my last request of a near thirst calls out
I’m lost in missing you yet.

Sunday city


Found in the echo of the empty as a grief of its togetherness


It started like a feathers flight
the tickling sensation to touch a consciousness long before the idea developed
in an infant’s rest in the arms of the universe is a shadow of the deep sorrow of the loss
that’s where the bubble burst
a child was abandoned

as one of many

in an echo of a broken symbiosis someone fell
into a void that’s never been described in words
how could anyone describe the thin air of something lost before it went visible
a void that playfully accompanies the dancing life of a feather
as an eternal shadow in the sun
one distance from wanting to search for the outside mental functions’ understanding
just that stubborn mind which is its own intelligence
can speak without words and show the way.