Power of…

As love changes the most difficult
the protection will finally raze
which was created by the faulted learning
when the doors of trust are opened in the meeting
in the meeting of the wondrous truth
if you dare, if you see
that the way there is your wounded heart
To abandon yourself is the biggest betrayal
for only you can find your own key to the source of trust
the story is written in this now
in faith, in love
the gates will open.

A fear defeated the sanity that nothing wanted, other than to escape into a space of emptiness

In wonderment over the silence that fell over my bare shoulders
you won
you took yourself there
in agony of an old fear
stubborn as a desire to crack a nut of tough, aged mind
weight of a wind still sleeps in a void
it was the butterfly that won
the debt appeared pale as the nose of a dawning light
and the weight of the forgotten room
you flew freely past.


Nature and Landscapes

The merciful Samaritan found herself out of reach

Vibrated all the way into bone
like an inventor’s accuracy, I applied myself in pure desperation
extended beyond the understanding of the worlds concepts
the little tickle whispered unintelligible phrases
not manifested, yet paradoxically comprehensible
as tracking on a trail of unknown phenomenon
the light is licking its creators desires.