Always somewhere else
in disoriented seeking
saw the shape of you hunt safely in the alleys
like a shadow creature
you dance seductively close
someone sometimes sees a darkness
on a house facade, running
that the light that brings forth your dancing figure
is the essence in your heart
that you do not see.



Beyond escape

It was that burning love
the devouring thirst
without the slightest attempt at mastery, she dragged herself further
The desire was fueled
would climb any mountain,
to overcome the monster’s power and fan
no compass would find the unpleasant throw’s delight
like the liberation of guilt when the day is dried away
and the bones greedily follow their dream
beyond escape.

Face of eternity


Response from the nature of question

Like a stubborn child
the answer is delayed against the white wall to find
delightful as a cracked mirror
the weight, I play in featherlight down
a laugh from your forgotten happiness
my second self’s teachings whispers in its pirouettes
it is an act of love
creaking from the escape


Light Acrylics