Power of…

As love changes the most difficult
the protection will finally raze
which was created by the faulted learning
when the doors of trust are opened in the meeting
in the meeting of the wondrous truth
if you dare, if you see
that the way there is your wounded heart
To abandon yourself is the biggest betrayal
for only you can find your own key to the source of trust
the story is written in this now
in faith, in love
the gates will open.

Did you think we had time..?

Heaven fell down and met the soil in a kiss
immediately without notice
we went to the center of the earth
heart’s place attracted her voice beyond time and space

hold me in sensuality
in the opening of an eye, freedom is created in a we
and we
never met
other than in a one-second certainty
like a tickle of a wind
is fluttering along.


Light Oils

Like a soaring consciousness that witnessed the scene

The title created confusion already in its first word

that’s how the light was killed by itself
as the opposite of an incomprehensible conclusion
a candle can only burn, right?
if the flame’s innermost core chooses to explode like a failing star
my light extinguished
not because of the fall or the explosion
not because of the entry into oblivion
rather as a result of the snare that got denser
like in a far too taight costume
laced together as a vital measure
the price was lost visibility,
and radiance like a trapped beam in a dark cave.


Earthy Oils




When I dare, I’m there to be seen

Like in a feverish desire you drown yourself in your own wrongs
slurping up your imperfections to understand the organic to offload your unwanted darkness
like swamps in your inner that lacks a guiding light
the thought seeks itself slowly back to the words that shaped themselves
I want to carry myself over my own depths,
light up the crocodile’s gleaming eyes showing  up in my reflection.

Quiet girl

Light Oils