Cloud of forgetful haze

Love is protected
at the same moment as the will of the ego
to become one
to consolidate
creates bridges between
the barrier of twosomeness.



In a world of existence

A small wanted to grow
but vanished
in the clouds
did you know my love, my first love
how pain is also present in the silhouette
of a child that is born
without becoming
the bride wants to marry life and see with her own eyes
through tears
a grief of oceans cut ledges
allows the sea-power to rinse
the throws behind the words: it is burning, it is loved, it is created
Remember my memory, it recalls the interior as a habit
sitting quietly
and the body gets used to softly protected teachings
fill your heart, fill your spirit
fill your echo, time stops
the fruit was always the desire
to widen the world.

Mini universe

When the absence of myself is whispering

Isn’t there a chance for life behind every sleep
doesn’t stars ray like the desire to exist
defeating any resistance with the everlasting peace
when time falls asleep, we are into nothing
in a void when the past sees its future in the solely serene
sleep safely like the small one does.

Cat Photography