Response from the nature of question

Like a stubborn child
the answer is delayed against the white wall to find
delightful as a cracked mirror
the weight, I play in featherlight down
a laugh from your forgotten happiness
my second self’s teachings whispers in its pirouettes
it is an act of love
creaking from the escape


Light Acrylics

Explosion from nothing



Shape the beautiful tone
where truth is lost as a lonely one
shall now find peace in time
throwing down old rocks’ desire to reign
if no one listens
nothing sprouts
saw a lone blooming rose
with proud spine
in which your reflection grows out
distortion in still water surface
there, the doll becomes free
comes alive
that illusion was the answer.


Light Acrylics




I want to smear myself solid as a clay against your skin
like another
a desire to penetrate your pores
and breathe your hormones
experience a layer of sweaty proximity
to what restriction testifies
and yet I know
that mud dries
and falls off
in an elapsed portion of the heat
the body generates longing
in a sweat of a stress
in the absence of
an unknown addressee.

Springing truths
Light Acrylics



When I burn

I was the fire and the livelihood of its power
Willing as a disciple to understand the heat described by the flames blazing and dying
a longing performed in the dance
licked the scorched bones of thirst
the yearning for a missed cool
nutrients surrounds the exploited sections as a liberation of the proud force
a sweeping shape
as in the design of the nights’ incipient darling
fall in my arms, let them envelop your trembling soul
fire can see
as a singed desire seeking its loan
its long-sought reprieve.

Birth of the self
Colorful Acrylics