My creative reality starts when I wake up between the hours of three and five in the morning. I usually go back to sleep but during that woken time I go through new ideas and shattering truths are often revealed which later can be both magical, surreal and dramatic depending on the mood it aroused. I like to throw myself from sleeps lingering dreams, drag it into my waking life and maintain the unstructured film that was played and remains in fragmented phrases, images, thoughts and feelings. Somehow I want to reach what is deeply human behind all the defenses and walls to find some sort of common denominator and a universal experience of the world we share. I surf between my three professions, painting, poetry and photography and let them fertilize each other, sometimes they mix together and become something else entirely. A certain predictability spiced with improvisation and the result can become just about anything!


All the madness started like this:

Even though creativity has always been a big part of my life since childhood, I did not have a thought of becoming a professional artist or even paint on canvas until my mid twenties and then it hit me like in a scene from a cheesy movie. I was a mother of three and was studying to become a physiotherapist, from nowhere a forceful voice in my head said “you should start painting”, I waved it away with the thoughts that, I will never become an artist, art can’t support my kids. The words popped up again a couple weeks later and at that time I gave in and bought canvas and some oil paint. The first painting was a resemblance of a piece by an artist that I liked, it turned out terrible of course and I decided I was never to become a painter. That same night I couldn’t sleep, my whole body was tingly and restless and at some point I got up, remade the painting and it sold shortly after. Since that day painting and other art forms have been dominating my life..


Grows on meMimmie Dana

Stockholm, Sweden

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