Be still until emotions stops to spin
then start to move with courage
to your free will.


Letting that which was take a step for history

Drastically, without expectation
as the witnessed serum of truth
reverses the steps of contemplation
the thought lags
emotions float in the garbage’s memory
a witness holds a thought about the transience of life
one we pass by, one you, one I
weak night lights its candle in a song
hold me back
for life
in a track
you can find me at times.


Power of…

As love changes the most difficult
the protection will finally raze
which was created by the faulted learning
when the doors of trust are opened in the meeting
in the meeting of the wondrous truth
if you dare, if you see
that the way there is your wounded heart
To abandon yourself is the biggest betrayal
for only you can find your own key to the source of trust
the story is written in this now
in faith, in love
the gates will open.