Sounds of a gateway

Travel in a sound
have you heard the whispering sound?
that built itself on our ground
a voice is here
and everywhere
if you listen very clearly
the mood will disappear
chrystals will lead you
and stars will too
celebrate the sparkle in your eyes
small and big become one size

hold my hand and let us jump.

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They call on you

I was in that of leaving peace when you lit the fire and the ground was gone

like water fell me to fall free

and find nothing else then pure energy

love again as all there is

as always said

so difficult to see

will you fall again for me and

rise like something

like a waterfall in harmony.



Let it all fall

because in one day you’ll be in freedom
I willingly let go
despite the cries of past thoughts and feelings that secure
I’m hiding in the water
it’s storming in the pond
where there shall be a lull
between the water lily leaves I move
to one that is
from where the echo bounces mute
a mirror image is gone
for out of it I ran.

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