The end of the circle is the beginning

Baldness of eternity
do not fear the repetition as a result
of the friction by an existence
which releases closed senses.




Beyond escape

It was that burning love
the devouring thirst
without the slightest attempt at mastery, she dragged herself further
The desire was fueled
would climb any mountain,
to overcome the monster’s power and fan
no compass would find the unpleasant throw’s delight
like the liberation of guilt when the day is dried away
and the bones greedily follow their dream
beyond escape.

Face of eternity


Like a one day dragonfly

Together we breathe in time

in an attempt to repeal the last dance
my heart you wear with wings
as a close whisper
Love can never die
Raises the law of separation
calling your name
When we’re in agape winds you fall asleep
and wake up again
leave me never
Come as the morning where dragons are born
I am your heart that divides itself.


Nature and Landscapes

The lightning of insight strikes unknowingly

What dares to speak of its existence
Life is told
an embrace of love fills you
and every pore wants to see its own as a requirement,
and set sail on his rod to float on a sea
To awaken each thought in its own form
The actor behind the phrase always whispers the truth when you fall weak
when you fail you
In broken illusions
Are you still standing as the shadow is flying in the sun
does time dare to stay
And take a moment away
from one eye to one side
where the desire lives
to reach the long gone
That still bother you.

023 (2)

Nature and Landscapes