Loved ones never wither

Let me love for a while
a second that strikes for freedom, existence whispers
I fall down on a bed falling, asleep and saying
important willing we
I love, I love you like never before in this reverse
the room’s squares saw the dissolved walls of the forest
in fractals, nature entered
I am free you said and fell into sleep where we shared
a body, a thought, an honorable gesture
that the very existence shows
waking up in the dream, whispering proudly that the war is over at last
a flower is left
a thought got stuck on the wallpaper, shrugging away
throws away
fall for you, fall for the knowledge
that here, only here, am I now.



Wishful living

You stayed there
as a fleeting thought
a floating fog waiting to fall
the cautious pressure is insistently close
like a bud’s desire to burst
it was still in the present
a soul’s longing cramp to reach through the fog
like a second of a wave
that folds and begins to collapse
there’s nothing to describe
and yet a skin’s pores steam so close
as close as a distance can give
in a lingering question.


Girl on rails