Hazy grace

You said,
time was never close
a shadow slid out its grip
a partition between
it was like a gem that never ended
You said it was beautiful
that weaves spin similar to threads
as I carefully roll them to a skein
those souls will be urged to be born
You said,
to dawn in the sun in the shine of the surface
that’s what you said
and you gave a gem of courage
where a shimmer of the guises lighten.






There was something magical about the fluttering wind that day that urged me to peek out with curiosity.

A storm of sand swept into the city, a smell of the desert, of dusty longing.

Certainly, I wanted to throw myself into the daring adventure, soak up the cheerful taste of coconut fat when I smeared my dry cheeks, yet dunk into reality that the illusion offered.

A movie later.

What changed me was me and the storm, in a golden noise.

Inside and so close that the outer was knocking.

Come on. It’s time to take the next one.