The heart is next to you as you sleep

Did you see the diamond in your eye
Did you see the stars that fell close
Did you take the scent like a piece of jewelry?
to wear, in its own yearning
like its existence in a room
Longing for it’s loss
a future displacement
Of a space
Which still is willing
For some time to come.




Response from the nature of question

Like a stubborn child
the answer is delayed against the white wall to find
delightful as a cracked mirror
the weight, I play in featherlight down
a laugh from your forgotten happiness
my second self’s teachings whispers in its pirouettes
it is an act of love
creaking from the escape


Light Acrylics

The forgotten track of sensation

Did you want to know what a tracker does
do you want to know how emotions accumulate in corners and things
where thoughts saves their creations
as I see, you want to know how the body communicates without words and feelings
how one morning creates a day and willingly extinguishes at night
do you want to hear the sounds of a vanished echo
a realm of thoughts rooms witnessing the questions that you wear
could a glade in a forest watch over his brothers
swallowing the air for a day and invite your breath
tracking spores of molecules in a sacred pact
all that is, is all around
and there inside
the traces finds me.

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