Beyond the edge

Are you in there

I wonder

have you remained though the day has changed direction

I seek your being

I chase myself lost and worn

to where the world ends.

Over the edge.JPG

Nature and Landscapes


Fruitful paradox

The smell of its fleeing guise creates frost
fictitious was a meeting between us
a thought, a glance in your lens gave a consolation
that the lost wanted to find a way through the fog
Directives were given
through eones of yearning to find the sweetness in you
in my own lost paradise
where the borders never be seen in their parallel rooms
knows nothing more than to fall freely
you would be the one I was in the beginning.



It was that glow that haunted her

To be surrounded by a magical feeling of a larger context
it sounded to be seen in transparency of the indomitable will
to widen a leap through, and just go through
in elegance
writing her own mind in the full-fledged costume
it was a space
an unspoiled feeling
that the movement sought
she was a proof that I exist.