In the maze of no thought

My child was you
in the cold of frost
in the selfs implotion nothing was left
you were the one who appeared in borrowed body
the missing is empty eyes
gives nothing in return
a smile
closing the lids
sleeps like a doll coming to life
in the nerves dance
a blueprint in my mind was never I
and a small wanted to grow
but vanished
in the clouds
in a time
where tears no longer exists.

A well


If I’d choose a state it would be the wind

Like a sensual movement to follow your breath through lungs oxygen
to enclose each building block in your mind
take the next step in a borderless world where nothing escapes
the yawning force joined eagerly with its elusive motion
as to lure me to fly further
the blame was never mine like you said
but the one who never wore it.


Where are you now

In a protected location
the wild in an image is not retained
the illusion of hidden wires
built in the way of life
the sight full of ideologists
a flag flying proudly
couldn’t find a ray of light in there
in an open shed somewhere on earth, the wind sweeps on
in the middle of the flow, words dance
for a life
leading a thought to a glass that someone drinks from
wise to expand like a tail
the long tailored neck into the mystery
anywhere in the world of existence

miss you as always.


Nature and Landscapes