Transformative reality

To be is to act, is to see the truth and believe
like a sparkle will shine in trust
for those who challenge the fear
and transform the reason of its beginning.


Cat Photography

You were always like a part of a truth

Like a ray of sunshine you fell down in the earth’s greenery
sat in wobbly chair of beauty
a lightning became the messenger
and in the illusion pending souls are seen
seep like droplets
on a journey
to a collective pond.


Nature and Landscapes

The work of you

Like a pendulum in a clockwork
that lost itself
the soul fails like a ghost without an I to own
as a universe of particles, disoriented it floats around
for if the soul is a stranger, also the self is there to err in formulations
of a forgotten power
when everything seems
Like a Melody
a life turned around
an ingenious spectacle
a nut in a tool
a color in fabric design
a lost hair anywhere
the life of us dances
an air that always wants to reach
and a breath is plucking senses
playing late relay
and run
home run in all the glory
when a dashed plane is ready
breathe in and then a bit more
share atmosphere
free in the fall of a wave which splits
you who always saw your soul in my body
you who reflected your forgotten feelings from your repressed rooms
you who snuck away from your discomfort and placed tiny little pieces of yourself
with elegance when the sweat depletes
the soul was my close stranger
when you never existed
one distance
and the hope towards creates a tear in a mountain
like the kiss of your shadow
cool as the breeze of a wind that stilled itself.

White sun