When the wind got wings I flew along and its song became my own

The importance of a forgotten wave
releases the sieve
floating on top of another wave
and finds peace

there was a fairy tale

who sought an ending
to find its way out
though it was the last line of life
that the key was inside.

Cat Photography




You drank yourself free from lethargy and saw yourself disappear

It was said
no straight lines exists
that your brain creates
or was it you who taught yourself limitations
so that the motion came to rest.

Almost there


Did you think we had time..?

Heaven fell down and met the soil in a kiss
immediately without notice
we went to the center of the earth
heart’s place attracted her voice beyond time and space

hold me in sensuality
in the opening of an eye, freedom is created in a we
and we
never met
other than in a one-second certainty
like a tickle of a wind
is fluttering along.


Light Oils