High and very far

To cry the deepest

to love the highest

respons from the one before

the after.

085 (2)




Holy pain

You are the existence


giving love and I give  back eternity

as the sky in you grows together with earthly roots I’ll wait for your return

lost in pain

agape from the heart I carry to a place

you know by name.

010 (2)

 Nature and Landscapes


Complex structures

The dosage of moisture is forced out in a fragmentary odor
forming a chain of events
rolled out like a carpet in cinematic precision
anticipation doesn’t let it slowly feed
a life
about brutal honesty
like straining the finest gravel
to gold from dust shows a significant impact
there was a moment of truth
dew flees the sun as a vapor
a breath that portrayed
a dreamy state without physical substance
in a request.

Berlin window