The love that still stands
witnessed how we either removed ourselves
or approached
like a patient mother of reference she let it happen
with the secure knowledge
that we will find the home
when the fortune needle is in right direction
it seems clear like a shooting star
we are dancing
stars responds.

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Weather changes


As a sudden impulse, the minds expanded
it was a bud that struck out
the explosion bore witness to a spectacular birth
such as switching channel
adjusting the frequency conditionally and naturally
whoever asks
if the flower is allowed to bloom
equally inquisitive the question should be
why now,
in due course said the wise one
though the question is born as the answer that already existed
gently, a consciousness unfolds
its tentacles feels and tastes its way forward
right in the middle as an obvious challenge
the eye of probation
is moving closer.

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Nature and Landscapes


Unwaveringly present

Illusion in ill terrain
is a voice that speaks
a wise that of your origin whispers
Still waiting out the storm that made you lose the way
there is a life in freedom behind
if only time stops ticking
similar to a swayed emotion
love on the run can not be tamed
only dealt with the imminent, the cliff that is you
tells of a strength
day and night will never meet
nor do we
yet, there you are so close
the dividing line opening blows
waving a wink free

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Nature and Landscapes

Eternity can talk


For a single moment I saw
and it scalded my nerve endings to the no longer cultivated weave
restfully in lost feeling I bowed myself before the bounteous
magnificent in wanting to continue
lovely in a freedom zone
where the acoustics from silent tears are clinging
and yet detaches itself facing nature’s swing
in powerful explosion the idea turns one turn through the earth that stubbornly, alone remains
even when the magical roots loosen its grip and freely seeks foundation
in a paralell world
the questioning tone of the willing
so it withers away, that doesn’t favor
when time comes-
wash themselves,
wash me
in a sunrays whimsical voyage.


Cat Photography





I want to smear myself solid as a clay against your skin
like another
a desire to penetrate your pores
and breathe your hormones
experience a layer of sweaty proximity
to what restriction testifies
and yet I know
that mud dries
and falls off
in an elapsed portion of the heat
the body generates longing
in a sweat of a stress
in the absence of
an unknown addressee.

Springing truths
Light Acrylics