Take me on

In the eye of the storm, I blew around in a fall of colors
in an upcoming metomorfosis we met at the height of a powerful farewell
by the city beyond
who stands as a mute witness
in an undulating flowering fog we were shaped to start over
letting feathers float protrude in floral splendor
for as it’s been said, thoughts creates nothing but a lull
the hug on our route is blowing violently and the ladder begins to flow as if the air becomes soil, filling the soul with courage
behind the mountain is a country
that country is my own desire.

Bird sky

Nature and Landscapes

Found in the echo of the empty as a grief of its togetherness

it started like a feathers flight
the tickling sensation to touch a consciousness long before the idea developed
in an infant’s rest in the arms of the universe is a shadow of the deep sorrow of the loss
that’s where the bubble burst
a child was abandoned as one of many, in an echo of a broken symbiosis someone fell
into a void that never was described in words
for how could anyone describe the thin air of something lost before it went visible
a void that playfully accompanies the dancing life of a feather
as an eternal shadow in the sun
one distance away from wanting to search for the outside mental functions’ understanding
just that stubborn mind which is its own intelligence

can speak without words and show the way.

A touch of the divine
Nature and Landscapes


The wall does need to crumble after all

Guarded as an observer of a life that everyone wants

just so that time sped up with a wound from the fight

through years of frustrations

in the thought of an animal as a consolation to exist

even these days that does not find their meaning

other than in a shimmer of a promise

is a step of courage to take another, but nothing seems to defeat

a brave heart that is alone in a self without a compass

the hide away of wild strawberries surely exists

in a glade, there in the sun

behind the house

where no one lives.