The lie whisper the truth


The door was always so close and still you chose to stay

ignoring the possibility of change

as you wrestle with the demons of your own and drowning in the arms of death

still the whispering stands still as a door

and you see the key

infront of your unreachable mind.

black and white acrylic painting.JPG

Light Acrylics


Until the fear lies completely still

When brushing against your cheek while asleep, do you remember my touch?
there in the fine print fields
believe me when I say
that almost
is also a sense of desire
to see the vulnerable near, is a zone of love that needs its borders
that’s where I hover when you sleep
in today’s walk on complicated streets
you see the wings of the fly that floats past
I am in the day that always follows his shadow
closely whispering
even when the tears you shed
let me keep you in your transparency
until the terror is over
longed for soul, my friend
caresses your skin like a chill in the heat
tear yourself out of your own cocoon.


Nature and Landscapes

When I burn

I was the fire and the livelihood of its power
Willing as a disciple to understand the heat described by the flames blazing and dying
a longing performed in the dance
licked the scorched bones of thirst
the yearning for a missed cool
nutrients surrounds the exploited sections as a liberation of the proud force
a sweeping shape
as in the design of the nights’ incipient darling
fall in my arms, let them envelop your trembling soul
fire can see
as a singed desire seeking its loan
its long-sought reprieve.

Birth of the self
Colorful Acrylics


The merciful Samaritan found herself out of reach

Vibrated all the way into bone
like an inventor’s accuracy, I applied myself in pure desperation
extended beyond the understanding of the worlds concepts
the little tickle whispered unintelligible phrases
not manifested, yet paradoxically comprehensible
as tracking on a trail of unknown phenomenon
the light is licking its creators desires.