The fragile moment of magic

Trustful peace
starts within
occurs in the music of your goal
to speak
from the wish of your own blueprint.

Cat Photography


Set me free from your memory

The smell of your breath is filled with cigarette
tasting it
for one day you’re gone
in a memory, the scent of the kiss is sneaking up
the moon was our ally, the stars our patrons
a shimmer is left of everything you no longer carry
You are missing like a loved one, despite the war that remained
it was a summer house that fell as if made out of cards.

Spectacular inner garden


Flower storms

Here, as the depth of a day
your smile is visible on the surface
filling the memory picture of something wonderful
preserving it as the jewel you never gave
shimmering sieve and still a concern
throughout the seemingly unpredictable letting go
listen well to what it tells
it is possible to love, it is possible to embrace what was a fruit of desire
without letting it take over
flower now in the weave of your soul
and let your breath to blow forms on a fogged window.

Flower storm