For a moment you became visible, I saw you, your unique soul and I marveled at your beauty …

In the forrest of the unknown

the deapth of human hearts lives

whishes and desires

even in anger frustration sorrow anxiety lust and obsession

are threads from the deep, always shouting

I am

I’m here

and I want to be seen.




Set me free from your memory

The smell of your breath is filled with cigarette
tasting it
for one day you’re gone
in a memory, the scent of the kiss is sneaking up
the moon was our ally, the stars our patrons
a shimmer is left of everything you no longer carry
You are missing like a loved one, despite the war that remained
it was a summer house that fell as if made out of cards.

Spectacular inner garden


Flower storms

Here, as the depth of a day
your smile is visible on the surface
filling the memory picture of something wonderful
preserving it as the jewel you never gave
shimmering sieve and still a concern
throughout the seemingly unpredictable letting go
listen well to what it tells
it is possible to love, it is possible to embrace what was a fruit of desire
without letting it take over
flower now in the weave of your soul
and let your breath to blow forms on a fogged window.

Flower storm