Falling into bravery

On my way to the ground, I stay in a reflection

as an echo of the soul wishing to express itself
changing from one state to another in a grounding I stretch my hungry branches against the sun
witnessing the grandeur of existing in a body and explore the magnificent in being a self in transformation
who dare to see and leave
let go of what is learned and willingly open themselves to it as the next step calling for love to open the door to my own wealth
Follow, I will enrich you and also learn from you
your wisdoms step
Let’s sweep away the pain and dusty injustices and build together a new
triumph over being born into a body of wanting to grow
bear witness to what was meant to be, that the self in my habitation would exult strongly and scream without end
my way is mine, in front of the great precipice which calls for a jump in trust to fly without wings
with a hope stronger than the faith
and therefore there is a breathtaking ocean to dive into, bring together emotions force with the water
be born in spirit of the own courage, and see what always was
a struggle to leave and simply float on.


Nature and Landscapes


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