Life always moves about

The end creates a beginning
a threads end loses momentum and starts over again
the escape of a grace period runs out and the scent awakens the forgotten senses
taking a step and one more
to see and forgive the memories
sprinkle them as a salt over my loved one and eat up all which is free from owning requests
playing somewhat amazed in the child of my soul
where wisdom seeps through.

Heaven photography.JPG

Nature and Landscapes




Falling into bravery

On my way to the ground, I stay in a reflection

as an echo of the soul wishing to express itself
changing from one state to another in a grounding I stretch my hungry branches against the sun
witnessing the grandeur of existing in a body and explore the magnificent in being a self in transformation
who dare to see and leave
let go of what is learned and willingly open themselves to it as the next step calling for love to open the door to my own wealth
Follow, I will enrich you and also learn from you
your wisdoms step
Let’s sweep away the pain and dusty injustices and build together a new
triumph over being born into a body of wanting to grow
bear witness to what was meant to be, that the self in my habitation would exult strongly and scream without end
my way is mine, in front of the great precipice which calls for a jump in trust to fly without wings
with a hope stronger than the faith
and therefore there is a breathtaking ocean to dive into, bring together emotions force with the water
be born in spirit of the own courage, and see what always was
a struggle to leave and simply float on.


Nature and Landscapes


Lost years for a reason

Saw when the lights burned out
the wick was seen breathing inquisitive longing
sighing after a wisdom beyond understandings last outposts
there was a settlement, a battle in a silent struggle
where blissful thoughts crashed into a sensation
we should have met in an arena as proud fantasies
brutally embrace the true touch
let the crazy get free precedence
for isn’t a force required to break through patterns that, like armor, wants to consist
fill my bucket so I can water the internal fields
harvest me a euphoria of happiness that finds itself in the flower eating the aromas of a wild meadow.


Nature and Landscapes

Counting days that never stays

Your closed heart responded without your knowledge at my heart’s voice
glitter on the water one early morning froze in a drop of fear
wanted to extend a ray of consolation
but was forced to turn around
as if you had to do it on your own
finding your courage to open the closed door to trapped emotions
not visible, but fully vibrating
what you don’t show I feel even stronger
as a notion of yourself and everything you never became
while doggedly chasing the evening stars light the day is already dawning
wanting courage is also a way to dare to see everything there is and never was
like the child in me died
an autumn whispers, only you own the day of your life
I’m already gone as a step in the distance
left is you, counting flower petals
loves me, loves me not
waiting for your own answer.