If love wants to

Bits would fall into place by itself
as an already existing pattern
prepared for a seductive thought to build themselves
like a work of art in movement
majestic and non-resistant as a hologram of the self
I will be, create a pleasurable reality and move the rooms
flow between cornerstones
in a crackling installation I shall take place
like a sculpture in motion
my limbs bolts up their message
letting the scars show instead of trembling and fleeing in agony
letting the light that seeks its own time burn
wild, free and without memories that never existed other than as rocks of learning that are thrown over the edge
by willing hand
a parable about something that will be used just to be sensed and then blow on
in future
the victory over the unfathomably huge
is a platform, a ledge
that I jump from.

_DSC8979 - Kopia




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