Just like that


Everything fell into place as a turbulent fragmentary waterfall
splashed into a pond
breathing conscious life
free from the headlights light and the need to be mirrored
taking a deep breath and falling back into the own reality
bathed in the glow of that
a deep
see, it was concealed and now grows strongly in a body
with ease the water rises for a hunger and a thirst
to be true
standing hidden as a call and desire to want to follow the life as a branch of a tree, natural and safe in the weight of its roots
love to dream and forgive
the dream as a true instrument in the beginning of a betrayal
of a fist against the bloody wall
a revolt reaches its end
for who can cling to a body of water created
without emotions desire to please an ample audiences clapping hands
defending with a bite
the offspring’s right to exist.

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